New album, RASOIR ACOUSTIQUE, set for release this Halloween, 2019!

Is this Phase II of Lester T. Raww’s Graveside Quartet Sings Your Children To Sleep?

The Boys have finished basic tracking on the debut Hollins & Hollins Mortuary Entertainment Show album. Building on the themes from Lester T. Raww’s Graveside Quartet Sings Your Children To Sleep, The Boys are taking the vintage radio show format to the next level. As the album begins with the sounds of a radio dial turning (tuning in signals that came from outer space, perhaps?), the listener is brought into the world of mortuary entertainment. Lester conceived of this record as a bridge between The Pine Box Boys and the Graveside Quartet, maintaining the creepy, gothic aspects of both bands while blending their sounds into something that points in a new direction. As Feast of Three Arms suggested, there are more electric guitars at work. As with The Graveside Quartet and Lester’s solo record, the ukulele and accordion still grab the spotlight from time to time and there are more horns to vary the texture of the new songs.

Some of the material will be entirely new to audiences, but many of the songs have been making their way into the set for over a year. Lester wrote the title track, “Rasoir Acoustique,” nearly three years ago in The Netherlands on a borrowed ukulele. “A Werewolf Song,” wherein Lester explains how he comes from a long line of werewolves, is a current regular in the live show. Lester’s fascination with voodoo is given voice in “Saturday March to Doom,” and in his personal favorite from these sessions, “An Ode To Baron Samedi.” Gentleman Jimmy has contributed a song as well: the crowd favorite “Walk Through Walls.” And then there is Lester’s elegy to the late, great T.C. Edwards, “Arkansas Angel.”

At the console for this project is Jack Gibson (yes, ‘tis he, the bass player of Exodus). Recently, he has recorded the likes of Stumptail Dolly, Husky Burnette, and The Goddamned Gallows. Upon completion, Rasoir Acoustique will be made available on LP(with digital download) or digital download. Check back for updates.

Mark Beshirs