The Hollins & Hollins Mortuary Crew will be returning to Europe in June!

The Boys are digging through their domestic messes, searching for passports, usable guitar strings, playable banjos (the joke is on Possum: there’s no such thing as a “playable banjo”), and bottles of trumpet valve oil(well, Jimmy SAYS it’s for his trumpet). The time is drawing nigh and The Boys will be crossing The Pond for another European excursion. They will be leaving San Francisco on the 19th of June, arriving in The Netherlands in time for The Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival on the 21st of June. Their travels will take them from The Netherlands, to Belgium, to Sweden, and Finland. There are many exciting shows including The Picking Bones Festival in Linter, BE, a festival which includes Carrie Nation and The Speakeasy amongst many other greats. The Boys will return to another one of their favorite venues, The Podium t’Beest in Goes, NL Check out the “tour” page for all of the dates. And check back here for more updates!

Mark Beshirs